Elle's Story

Hello there, I am Elle, a 4th generation Tampa native, and I enjoy being outdoors finding beauty in natural surroundings.  I have 20+ years of experience in radio broadcasting, and have six children.  While  learning how necessary it has been to rely on my faith to get through life's blessings and trials, I discovered how important it is to make room for time to be still and experience the love of God several times a day even for short moments.  

This newly released journal: These Next Forty Days  is available for purchase in the online store.  It is a forty day journal to finding peace through taking time out during the day (and even at night).  I have some personal reflections from my life's experience that are accompanied by a journaling page with a scripture verse each day that is beautifully and simply graphed, just waiting for your creativeness.

I can schedule to speak at your next retreat or event on the importance of taking short time outs to pray throughout the day benefits by pulling us away from all the distactions that surround us and can lead to experiencing stillness in prayer that can open our hearts to receiving God's blessings that He already has in store for us! Contact me for more info: info@elleliveloveinspire.com 


Elle on WFLA's BLOOM March 23